old school touch and work ethic to help your business excel.

eJin Collective


What Does That Mean?

We Create.

For most of our clients, the first priority is to make a striking first impression.

We specialize in helping create a vision and executing on that to re-introduce our clients’ brands in an engaging and compelling way.

Shown: Helium Artistry, UI client


We Manage.

For our clients whose growth grows exponentially, we manage their digital operations from top of funnel to lifetime value. 

Before you chase leads, it is important to have the infrastructure in place to seamlessly assess the value of any new customer. We implement efficient solutions that help you manage these aspects.

Shown: WireBarley, international marketing strategy and UX client


We Organize.

For those clients whose success has outgrown their initial data systems, we organize their infrastructure to create a fully-integrated environment to help run their businesses better.

Our goal is to help reduce your dependency on proprietary software solutions, and to create an environment that is truly tailored to your needs and scalable for years to come.

Shown: Columbia College, data management and system creation client


We Develop.

For the clients who are experts in their industry who have the next great idea, we develop new market-ready solutions that help monetize the insight they have amassed for years.

Whether you are a moderate business or a major sports team, our team provides the same level of dedication to seeing your dream come true.

Shown: NY Mets, development and content management client


Ok. So...

This is the part where you are expecting to read a dramatic sales pitch.

We will grow your business by 10 times…

Of course we can guarantee success…

We will do anything for you…

We can do it all…

We don't tell you what you want to hear just to make you our client.

We firmly believe in the quality of the relationship between agency and client as the most important consideration in possibly working together.

That starts with being transparent and willing to have an honest conversation, whether it is something you want to hear or not.

We believe in taking the time to fully understand not only your business, but your character and working style.

We don’t take on every client who walks through our door. We believe in delivering optimal quality of work to every client we partner with.

Once we hit our optimal workflow loads, we regrettably table any new business to ensure that our current clients get our undivided attention.

Below are our next openings for engaging in new relationships. While we would love to meet with you over a hearty lunch to discuss your ideas, please keep note of the following dates of availability for our 3 business units. 


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